The islands have been changing quite quickly over the past year, so we thought we’d re-evaluate Koh Rong’s best beaches in 2018 and make a list of the top 5.

(For a more in depth review, see: Koh Rong Beach Guide 2018)

1) Lonely Beach



Possibly the best beach on the islands (even bettering Lazy Beach on Koh Rong Samloem), is Lonely Beach to the northern side of Koh Rong. Although it is not in the most convenient location, it really is absolutely stunning.


The small alcove feels like a real island-paradise, with crystal clear ocean waters, soft white sandy beaches, and tall palm trees all around. The atmosphere is quite serene – so peaceful and quiet with just a few crickets chirping in the background. There are very few people around, so you feel quite isolated and secluded out in a truly beautiful setting.


The accommodation itself is very rustic and is not really suitable for anyone looking for some comfort during their trip. This is reflected in the price of $40 – $50 / night. It is also not ideal for anyone not willing / able to travel – Though Lonely Beach do offer a boat to that part of the island, it can take 2-3 hours to get there from Sihanoukville and the journey involves small boats that aren’t steady on the waters.


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2) 4K Beach (Long Set Beach)



We would say that, right now, 4K beach is number two on the list, though several un-reviewed resorts are being built along this wonderful stretch of white sand, sparkling turquoise ocean, and tropical jungle wilderness.


What’s great about this beach, apart from the stunning scenery and inviting pristine waters, is that it’s a short walk away from the main tourist area on Koh Rong (Koh Touch).

If you head past Paradise Bungalows and White Beach Bungalows on your left hand side, the next resort is Tree House. Keep walking following the beach area around, and you will pass a new resort called Star Fish. At times you will need to go off the actual beach itself into the forest, but the path is very easy to follow. After about 15 minutes you will walk out onto a large beach expanse (about 4km or so – hence the name ‘4K’) with very little development.

For more information, read: Koh Rong Island – A Fantastic Walk.


3) White Beach



At number 3 we are going to put White Beach – A 10 minute walk from the main pier on Koh Touch. Admittedly, there are probably better beaches on Koh Rong, but the convenience of White Beach and the quality of the resorts around this area push it up a place or two.


Despite what you might read elsewhere, this far side of Koh Touch is not a party location and does not suffer from the same setbacks that other more popular areas experience. The beach on this part of the touristy stretch is clean and well-kept, with soft white sands and beautiful clear ocean waters.


What we love the most is how easy it is to step out of your bungalow early in the morning and be directly on the sand with very few people around. Take a look at our reviews of White Beach Bungalows and Paradise Bungalows.

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4) Sok San Beach



Located on the western side of Koh Rong, Sok San is home to both a small Khmer fishing village and to one of the biggest resorts on the islands.

The fishing village is a great place to stay for cheap – Not only do you have the chance to learn about the local Khmer culture, but you get to relax and unwind in a wonderful scenic setting.


The large resort is also a great option, offering a more luxurious accommodation on a long stretch of soft white sands. Originally created to host the crew of the popular TV series Survivor, Sok San Beach Resort is one of our recommended destinations.


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5) Palm Beach



Last but not least is one of the best value for money resort on Koh Rong. Overlooking the famous Song Saa Private Island and around the corner from Lonely Beach, Palm Beach, as the name suggests, is a palm-covered paradise getaway.


Starting from only $35 per night, you can sit back and admire the views in a hammock between the trees. What baffles us the most is that this resort is rarely busy, despite offering a much cheaper alternative to similar standard resorts on Koh Touch. Perhaps the issue is that, like with Lonely Beach, the northern side of the island is much harder to get to, but the accommodation at Palm Beach is of a good quality and has the potential for a wonderful holiday.

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We’ve started to put together an interactive video map of all the areas on Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. Choose a marker below, and then click on the photo to watch a video about the area.