Staying on Koh Touch – Tips and Advice

Food & Drink: In general, most restaurants serve a variety of Khmer and Western dishes. Food prices average around $3-$5 / main meal, but are more expensive at the better resorts. For a more in depth review, read: Best Restaurants and Bars on Koh Touch.

Shops: There are several mini-mart style shops on the island, but prices are inflated, so it’s a good idea to stock up on any essentials before you go (don’t forget to bring plenty of mosquito spray and suntan lotion).

ATMs: Koh Touch is the only place on Koh Rong with an ATM. It is now also possible to do a WING transfer, carried out over a mobile phone.

Money: Changing large notes can sometimes be problematic on the islands, so please try to bring smaller denominations ($).

Night Life: Apart from the main tourist area on Koh Touch, there are no other party areas on Koh Rong (except occasional events at the adjoining ‘Police Beach’).

Prices: On average, Koh Touch is the cheapest place to stay on Koh Rong / Koh Rong Samloem. There is a wide range of options on both islands however. On Koh Touch, the most basic accommodation starts at $10 / night, and goes up to $70 / night (for a spacious bungalow with private bathrooms, large comfortable beds, etc.).

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