If you’re staying on Koh Touch (the main tourist area on Koh Rong), there are a couple of restaurants and bars that I would recommend.

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Koh Touch on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia
Koh Touch on Koh Rong

Best Place for Wi-Fi

Firstly, we are often asked about Wi-Fi on Koh Touch. Now, although many places do have Wi-Fi, it is often slow and unreliable. I’d say the best place is Dream Catch – Immediately left off the main pier. If I need to check my messages while staying on Koh Touch, I will go here first thing in the morning. The Wi-Fi tends to be consistent, and the food and drinks here are of a good quality.


Best Place for Coffee

If you like your coffee first thing in the morning (as I do), I would recommend Monkey Island Resort – A 5 minute walk along the beach heading right as you get off the ferry. Monkey Island do a nice Vietnam coffee (Vietnam coffee is very popular in Cambodia), and you get a nice sized cup. My main criticism of Monkey is that their Wi-Fi isn’t great, and if you’re considering staying here, White Beach, Tree House, and Paradise Bungalows (which are all very close by) are better value for money.

Best Places to Eat

If you’re looking for good places to eat, Sigi’s (just off the main beach area down a side alley) does fantastic authentic Thai Food. Nice Food restaurant (down the same side alley) is very cheap and the quality is OK. Several bars (e.g. Coco’s and Bunna’s) do pretty decent western food.

Sigi’s Thai Food on Koh Touch


In general, the best value for money tends to be the BBQ’s, and there are several places offering a good standard (just take a walk along the beach front and find something that catches your eye).

BBQ on Koh Rong


Best Party Places

With regard to the best party places, Coco’s and Bunna’s tend to get quite busy, with late night events, good dance music, and plenty of special offers. If you’re looking to start early on in the day, there are several bar crawls around offering very cheap drinks (beer can be as cheap as 50c / glass, shots $1, and cocktails $2). In general, there is a constant vibrancy on the main tourist area of Koh Touch, so you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a Party Holiday on a tropical island paradise.

Sky Bar

For fantastic views over Koh Touch, be it at night times or during the day, you should make a trip up to Sky Bar (you will see it up high on your arrival, and there is a sign for it along the beach – It’s a 5-10 minute walk up some steep steps). The atmosphere at Sky Bar tends to be very pleasant, and it’s a great place to relax and admire the scenery.


Things to Remember

One thing that I would recommend you do is to stock up on any necessities before you go to the islands (e.g. Suntan lotion and mosquito spray – remember to bring plenty). Although there are several mini-mart style shops around, prices tend to be inflated. It is not uncommon to see tourists leave the islands red and covered in bites!

It is also useful to bring smaller denominations ($) with you, as it can be difficult to change large notes. There is now an ATM on Koh Touch, but there’s a 10% charge, so perhaps consider taking enough cash with you.

Take a look at some video highlights below: