Another impressive set of condos is scheduled to open in Sihanoukville. Blue Bay is a 5 minute drive from the city centre, and will include a stunning ocean-facing swimming pool, a lavish spa and salon, a variety of bars and restaurants, a shopping centre, and several entertainment areas including a casino.



The recent upsurge in such developments suggests that Sihanoukville is predicted to have a bright future as a financial district – Moving away from its current label of a beach-side holiday destination.

Luxury condominiums such as Blue Bay tend to be preferred for long-stay, and tend to attract the more affluent business-orientated individual.

Read an interesting article about developments in Sihanoukville here.




  • Reinhold Seuser

    Hi, please send Prices from Condors Blue Bay

    Im in Sihanukville until 12.9.17
    Australien National

    Have Cambodia phone.

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