Ferry Boat Timetable – Return

(See also: Ferry Boat Timetable – Outgoing)

For the return journey, Speed Ferry Cambodia (SFC), Island Speed Boat Cambodia (ISBC), Buva Sea (BS), Angkor Speed Ferry (ASF), and GTVC will leave from the same pier that they arrived on. All services will go back to the Ochheuteal (Serendipity) pier in Sihanoukville. Please Note: All times provided are approximate. We advise you to always arrive early for your chosen service. For more in depth information, please read How to Get to Koh Rong in 2018.

From Koh Rong

Time Boat
7.15am BS
8.45am GTVC & BS
9.55am ASF
10.15am SFC & ISBC
11.45am BS & GTVC
12pm SFC
12.55pm ASF
1.15pm ISBC
2.45pm GTVC
3pm BS
3.45pm ASF
4.15pm ISBC & SFC
4.45pm GTVC

From Samloem

Time Boat
7am BS
8.30am GTVC
9am BS
9.55am ASF
10am SFC & ISBC
11.30am GTVC
12pm BS
12.30pm SFC
12.55pm ASF
1pm ISBC
2.30pm GTVC
3.30pm BS
3.45pm ASF
4pm ISBC & SFC
4.30pm GTVC