If you’re staying on Koh Touch, the main tourist area on Koh Rong, then I would definitely recommend you try a private fishing trip – In my opinion, it is one of the best things to do on Koh Touch, if you have a spare morning or so and don’t get sea sick easily that is.


Now, even if you don’t happen to be a natural expert with the traditional Khmer bottle and wire apparatus, do not fear, your captain will catch many fish for you (perhaps offer a $3 prize for the biggest fish). In fact, it’s likely he’ll be pulling one out of the water every minute or so while you’ll struggle to catch 2-3 per hour!

Fishing on Koh Rong Island

The total cost for a trip should be $20-$30, but it might go up to $40+ if you have a very big group with you. This will also depend on how long you want to go for, and how far out you would like to go.

For example, there are a few amazing islands around Koh Rong, which are ideal for snorkelling and fishing. On one of my very first fishing trips we went to Pineapple Island – A small deserted island to the north of Koh Rong. It was truly spectacular there – A real island paradise with no one around.


The snorkelling was a great experience, with much exotic wildlife right at your fingertips. We caught many fish that day, of all shapes, colours, and sizes, and spent a couple of hours relaxing on the beautiful untouched beaches.

Apparently, Koh Rong is home to one of the largest freshwater fish on Earth, the Mekong catfish, which can gown upwards of 650 pounds.


The Mekong Catfish on Koh Rong


Because we set off early that day (maybe 10am), we were back in good time and had the rest of the evening and night time on Koh Touch. All in all, a great day out, which I would recommend to all (the trip cost us $80 in total but we went around the whole of Koh Rong and stopped off at a couple different landmarks).