Last time I stayed on Koh Rong Samloem I went for my regular trip over to Lazy Beach – A beautiful pristine part of Samloem where the sands are silky smooth, the blue waters glisten in the sun, and the enveloping mountains offer superb views (take a look at the video we made below for a better idea).


I am still surprised by how difficult this beautiful part of Samloem is to find – The first two times I went to Saracen Bay I was still none the wiser to its existence (there are no sign posts of any kind to show you which path to take through the jungle). I’ve been told that the owner of the Lazy Beach Resort prefers it that way, because it means that only the more adventurous of tourists make it out.

To give you a rough idea, Lazy Beach is about a 40 minute walk through the jungle. Once you find the path off Saracen Bay it’s a pretty straight forward journey, but the path is a bit hidden. To make things easier the new resort ‘Royal Retreat’ has built its ‘Octopussy’ Bar near the trail – You can take a look around there for a path into the jungle or ask a waiter at the bar.


Octopussy Bar
Jungle Trail

Lazy Beach Entrance


Though perhaps a little daunting at first, the jungle walk is actually not too bad. I’m not a particular fan of creepy crawlies, but so far the only thing I’ve seen on my journeys to Lazy Beach is an iguana and a couple small monkeys (be careful not to get too close to them – they are wild!). The path is reasonably wide also, so you are not near the edges where I always worry of a hidden snake.

The jungle itself really is fantastic. I grew up in England so despite living here for a few years now, the jungle is still quite exotic to me – The variety of colours, wonderful different types of vegetation and trees, and the general unknown is quite mesmerising.


Lazy Beach I would say is definitely worth the trip. It is a unique part of Samloem that I would personally want to see if staying on the island, even if only for a couple of hours. The resort there creates a very laid back relaxed atmosphere, especially at the bar area where you can lie back in a comfy chair, get a nice cold drink, and admire the view listening to nothing but the sound of crickets. Get adventurous 🙂








Sunset on Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem


The bar at Lazy Beach


If you’d like to know about Snorkelling on Lazy Beach, read: Lazy Beach Snorkelling. For their website, visit: Lazy Beach Website.