Day Tours of Koh Rong

If you would like to see Koh Rong but you have limited time, an organised Day Tour is a great option – We recommend the Happy Boat.

The Happy Boat will take you to both Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem (as well as Koh Thas Island) and will give you several hours to explore, relax, and take part in activities (e.g. snorkelling and swimming).

The Day Tour will start at 9am (finish at 5.30pm) from the Ochheuteal (AKA Serendipity) Pier. Breakfast and Lunch are included, and the price for a Day Tour is $25 per person.

The Happy Boat tour can be very busy – We strongly recommend you book your tickets in advance and not miss out on the day. You can book your day tour online now here:


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