Desert Island Holiday on Koh Rong Samloem

(See also: Desert Island Holiday on Koh Rong)

If you would prefer to ‘isolate’ yourself on a tropical island paradise, Koh Rong Samloem has some stunning destinations for a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ holiday experience.

Firstly, there’s Lazy Beach Resort. Located on the west side of Samloem, Lazy Beach is a 40 minute walk through the jungle from the main piers of Saracen Bay. This part of Samloem offers beautiful pristine white beaches, sparkling blue ocean waters, and a fantastic jungle mountainside. It is an ideal location for people who want to enjoy the spectacular views in a very laid-back relaxed environment, and who don’t mind the 40 minute jungle walk.


Secondly, there’s Sunset Beach. The beach area on this isolated part of Samloem is outstanding – Clear glistening ocean waters, soft white sands, and a truly spectacular sunset. Here we recommend Huba-Huba Bungalows and Robinson Bungalows.

Thirdly, there’s Sandy Beach Bungalows. Sandy Beach Bungalows are located on the beautiful south-east beach of Koh Rong Samloem. Being the only resort in this area, it provides a fantastic ‘deserted’ holiday experience that we would definitely recommend you try.

Finally, there are some superb locations on Samloem’s wonderful sister-island Koh Rong. In particular, we recommend Lonely Beach Resort. The beach on this isolated part of Koh Rong is superb – Clear glistening ocean waters, soft white sands, and tall enveloping palm trees. The small resort offers quite basic accommodation, but the views are fantastic, and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing.