Staying on Samloem – Tips & Advice

Food & Drink: If you’re staying on Saracen Bay, Green Blue and Natural Resort probably have the best local Khmer food, whereas Moonlight serves the best pizza. Sol Beach Resort has several fantastic wines and the Fish Amok is outstanding. Sweet Dreams Resort is a great place for breakfast – The views are superb and their pancakes are delicious. The One Resort offers great night time views and has a good range of cocktails. For more information, read: 5 Best Food & Drink on Saracen Bay.

Attractions & Activities: The island is home to some of the most exquisite marine life, so Snorkelling and Scuba Diving is a very popular activity. Island tours, fishing trips, and Kayaking can also be organised. With regard to attractions, Saracen Bay has a wonderful waterfall and a beautiful lagoon. The walk through the jungle to Lazy Beach offers fantastic views of the jungle wilderness. Lazy beach itself is definitely worth the walk, particularly for the sunset. Find out more: Attractions & Activities on Saracen Bay.



Shops: There are a couple of small shops on Saracen Bay, and a few small Khmer shops in M’Pay Bay, but prices tend to be inflated, so try to bring whatever you need with you (don’t forget to bring plenty of mosquito spray and suntan lotion).

ATMs: Koh Rong Samloem does not have any ATMs at the moment, so please bring sufficient cash with you. Several resorts allow you to pay by credit card, but it’s still a good idea to have cash just in case.  If you desperately need some cash for whatever reason, it is possible to do a WING transfer carried out over a mobile phone. The WING centre can be found on Saracen Bay, in a small Khmer resort near The One Resort – Head left for 2 minutes or so (if you are facing The One).

Money: Changing large notes can sometimes be problematic on the islands, so please try to bring smaller denominations.

Wi-Fi: Many of the resorts now have Wi-Fi on Saracen Bay and M’Pai Bay, though connections can be slow and unreliable.

Prices: On average, Koh Rong Samloem is more expensive than Koh Rong, in both hotel and restaurant prices. There is a wide range of options on both islands however. On Samloem, the most basic accommodation starts at $10 / night, and goes up to $150 / night (for a spacious villa with air-con, Wi-Fi, modern bathrooms, etc.). Food prices average around $5 / main meal.