I heard recently that The One resort was finished and up and running. Personally, I have been very interested in how it would turn out, so my team and I decided to make a trip out to Saracen Bay on Koh Rong Samloem to take a look.

Saracen Bay on Koh Rong Samloem
Aerial View of Saracen Bay


As you walk along the beach towards The One, several resorts immediately catch your eye. Firstly, Sweet Dreams looks fantastic. The resort has recently tripled in size, and the modern rustic-style bungalows really do take your breath away. In particular, the dark reflective glass on every bungalow looks superb.

After Sweet Dreams, the next outstanding resort is Sol Beach. The modern Khmer style villas are really something of a spectacle, and you can’t help but admire the architecture as you walk by (you can read an in depth review of it here: A review of Sol Beach Resort).

Next is the outlandish Moonlight Resort – A fantastically designed set of eco-friendly white-domes. If I’m honest, I was somewhat taken aback when I had first seen these bungalows, and not in a good way. But everybody’s first impression will inevitably be different, and I must admit I have warmed up to them a lot over the past few months, to the point that I now regard Moonlight as one of the best resorts on Samloem.

Now comes The One, and after the past three very memorable structures, it would need to be something of a sight to match up… I must admit it more than lives up to expectations!

Swimming Pool at The One Resort


The One Resort

Firstly, you are hit with the beautiful infinity edge swimming pool, overlooking a wonderful part of Saracen Bay, and enveloped by a modern wooden-style bar / restaurant area. You are met by friendly helpful staff that are always full of smiles and are very easy to get on with. After several minutes to relax and unwind in the bar area, the staff show you to your room, which, similarly to Sweet Dreams, is a stunning modern rustic-style villa.

The rooms themselves are large and spacious, the beds are very comfortable and clean, and the western-style bathrooms are superb. Each villa even comes with a wide-screen TV, which, believe it or not, does come in handy at night times, even on a tropical island paradise! This is because there really is not much to do on Saracen Bay when the sun goes down, so a movie in bed is ideal.
A Villa at The One Resort


After a great night’s sleep, we were greeted with a fantastic selection of breakfast foods. The fruits were fresh and ripe, the western dishes were of a good quality, and the teas and coffees were just what we needed first thing in the morning.

The beach around the resort is in a great condition, and is ideal for lounging, relaxing, and taking in the mesmerising scenery. The soft white sands are cleaned on a regular basis, and the ocean is crystal clear and warm. Because you are near the centre of Saracen Bay, all you can see in front of you is outstretching ocean waters, with the encompassing mountainsides in the far background. All in all, a great location and a great resort!

The One’s Restaurant

One of the highlights of our trip were the evenings that we spent at The One. At night times there really is nothing better than sitting back, unwinding, and admiring the ocean views over the lit-up infinity edge swimming pool. To make things even better, The One has a great selection of Cocktails on offer, so you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery in style 🙂

If I was going to knit pick, I would say that other resorts nearby offer good alternatives for night-time meals. For example, Moonlight Resort next door has fantastic pizza and other western foods, whereas the fish Amok, a classic Khmer dish, is really something special at Sol Beach. What’s more, the white wines at Moonlight are, unusually for Samloem, served at a perfect temperature, whereas Sol Beach has a great selection of red wines.

In sum, The One Resort on Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem, has proven itself to be one of the best places to stay if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday experience on a wonderful tropical island paradise.

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