If you’re staying on Koh Touch, the main tourist area on Koh Rong, and would like to see some outstanding scenery during your stay, there is one walk in particular that I would definitely recommend you do. It will take up a good portion of your day (perhaps try to set off early), but the views are truly superb – Breathtaking ocean expanses, beautiful white sandy beaches, glistening tropical lagoons, and exotic jungle wilderness.

Beautiful Views on Longset Beach

The walk I have in mind is towards Pura Vita and Longset Resort, heading right as you get off the ferry on the main pier of Koh Touch. Now, in general, if you are looking for a quieter holiday on Koh Rong, there are some fantastic resorts on this part of Koh Touch (we recommend White Beach Bungalows and Tree House Resort, as well as Paradise Bungalows). However, even if you choose not to stay here, you should definitely try to see this area during your stay, as the beach is in a great condition and the ocean waters are fantastic.

White Beach on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia
White Beach on Koh Rong


If you head past Paradise Bungalows and White Beach Bungalows on your left hand side, the next resort is Tree House. Keep walking following the beach area around, and you will pass Star Fish Resort. At times you will need to go off the actual beach itself into the forest, but the path is very easy to follow. After about 15 minutes you will walk out onto a large beach expanse (about 4km or so) with little development (there are plans for a couple of new resorts along this beach front but they are currently at very early stages).

Longset Beach on Koh Rong


Pura Vita and Longset are a good 1 hour walk along this beach, and the sights on the way are mesmerising. You really feel as if you are on a tropical desert island isolated from the world. The beach is in pristine condition, the waters glisten with beautiful colours, and there is no one around you except perhaps an occasional tent.

Sparkling Waters on Long Beach Koh Rong
Longset Beach on Koh Rong


At one point you will pass the lagoon on your left hand side, and will have to cross a stretch of ocean water. There is also a small shop along the way where you can purchase some cold beverages.


I’d recommend you go all the way to Pura Vita and relax there for lunch and some drinks. The restaurant is a little pricey relative to some of the places to eat on Koh Touch (around $7 per person), but the food quality is of a good standard – Try the fish and chips, as it is one of the best I’ve had for a very long time (though the portion was a little small).

All in all, the trip will take about 3-4 hours, if you stop off for lunch. But it is definitely worth it! Take a look at some video highlights of the walk below: