This week my wife and I decided to stay at the generally well-reviewed White Beach Bungalows on Koh Touch (the main tourist area on Koh Rong).



Personally, I think that this part of Koh Touch is by far the best – About a 10mins walk to the right off the ferry. Every time I’ve stayed in this area, it’s been relatively quiet and the beach is clean, well-kept, and in a very good condition.

This time round, the beach was probably the best I’ve ever seen it! The water was crystal-clear, sparkling in the sunshine and revealing the white sands beneath it. The beach itself was soft, clean, and in a pristine condition.


During the day it was very peaceful and relaxing. There were a few people around but it never really got that busy. At night times I could hear faint music in the distance but it was very quiet in comparison to other places on Koh Touch, and to be honest it really didn’t affect my sleeping too much.

As for the accommodation itself, it was very reasonable. The bungalows have a rustic feel to them but are nice, clean, and comfortable. Each bed comes with a mosquito net and there’s a fan above to keep things cool at night times. The resort has 24 hour electricity so you can get a good night’s sleep without it getting too hot. The bathrooms were modern, western, and provided a good level of privacy (it’s best perhaps to get the bungalow to yourself though if you’re sharing with friends, as the walk between the shower and toilet isn’t covered).


The highlight of the stay for me was how easy it was to wake up, open the door, and be right outside the beautiful beach and ocean waters. A dip early in the morning really is so refreshing – The water is warm, the sun is glistening, and it’s so peaceful and relaxing. I don’t know where else you can get such a wonderful experience for only $70 / night!


The resort’s bar is right on the beach, so during the day you can sit in comfy chairs and relax with a nice cold drink. The drinks and food are reasonably priced – Perhaps only 25% more expensive than in Sihanoukville. At night times you’re a short walk to all the bars and clubs, so it’s quite possibly the ideal location to enjoy Koh Touch.

In general, I would personally stay there again and would recommend White Beach Bungalows to anyone staying on Koh Rong.

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